Saturday, December 12, 2009

2TwitMe for my Palm Treo 680

I have just installed 2TwitMe, a full featured Twitter client for Palm OS 5 and above. Except for the registration problem that I encountered, 2TwitMe works perfectly with my Palm Treo 680. I just hope that they reply soon to the support ticket that I've just sent.

2TwitMe is now on sale at Palm Infocenter for only US$3.95. If you want this twitter client for your Palm Smartphone, you have until December 15 to avail of the promo.

Here's a comprehensive review about 2TwitMe. Tweeting using my Palm Treo 680 is now made easy! No need to open a browser to access the Twitter mobile version.

To buy your 2TwitMe license, click here.


  1. Hi Apol, I also bought and installed 2TwitMe. I find it weird, though, that it stopped working after a few days.

  2. So far, I don't have that kind of problem. 2TwitMe technical support is pretty impressive, they reply within 24 hours!