Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Coin bank for Daniel

For quite a time now, I have been maintaining a coin bank, where I drop P10-coin every time I have one. And whenever Pia is in Makati for her vacation, that's the time that we open the coin bank, count the coins together and then go to the bank to deposit the accumulated coins to her savings account.

coin bank

When I learned about Daniel (a 5 months old baby who needs to undergo a liver transplant) few moths ago, I told Pia about his condition and we agreed that we will deposit half of the savings to Daniel's account to help on his operation.

The last news I heard about Daniel is that the operation is scheduled early next year and that they are still short for the P3M needed for the operation to be done at a hospital in Taiwan.

Pia is now here in Makati for her Christmas vacation and we have already opened the coin bank. But a day before we're scheduled to make the deposit to Daniel's bank account, I received an SMS from my friend Niko. She said Daniel is gone. Pia was really sad when I told her about it.

We deposited the coins just the same to Daniel's account hoping it will at least help for the funeral expenses.

Farewell, Daniel...

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