Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2011 Travel Plans

It looks like I will be travelling more next year. This early, we have already made some travel plans and I'm really excited. Hopefully my Google Money inflow will be consistent. haha!

January 2011 - Baguio City
I'll be a tour guide for a couple of friends who haven't been to Baguio city yet. I plan to bring them Tam-Awan Village, too, and spend a night there like what we did during our last Baguio City Tour.

Feb 2011 - Thailand and Cambodia
I'll be traveling with ASMSI friends on this trip. It will be my 2nd time in Bangkok and will be the first time to visit Cambodia. We've already booked our tickets! Thanks to Cebu Pacific's promo fare.

May 2011 - Singapore
This trip is for my daughter Pia. She's been to Hong Kong (2009) and Bangkok (2010) and next year, it will be Singapore.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong - 2009
I promised her an annual vacation abroad with the condition that she'll study well and will always be a good girl.

Bangkok - 2010

She's taking up the challenge, so good luck to me!

This time, we might take Philippine Airlines to make use of her Mom's Mabuhay Miles earned from HSBC.

For local summer trip, no final plans yet. No, it's not because of Pilipinas kay Kay Ganda controversy. It's just that I haven't given it much thought yet. :-)

Last summer, I went to Coron with ASMSI friends. I'm considering to visit Puerto Prinsesa this time with Pia, though she wants to go back to Bohol.

Ok, that's tha plan. Now, back to work to guarantee funding for those travel plans. :-)


  1. Baguio Trip! Magkano budget dito? Baka kayanin ng VL-converted-cash na matatanggap ko sa January. Hehehe! Sama ko si Tintin. :)

  2. Domski, palagay ko mga P4k eh sulit na sulit na. Kasama na pambili ng walis tambo para pasalubong.

    January 14-16 ang Baguio trip. Friday night alis, Sunday night balik.