Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sira-an Hot spring | Anini-y, Antique

Sira-an Hot spring is located at Anini-y, Antique. It serves as the entry point if you want to visit the Nogas Island.

Sira-an Hotspring

Sira-an Hotspring and Health Resort needs to improve the place if they want to attract more tourists, particularly in the cleaning department.

Sira-an Resort
I was in Antique last week and was able to visit Sira-an Hotsrping. There's a a swimming pool there but opted not to swim. It's dirty and I need not elaborate.
Cottage rate starts at P150 and there's an entrance fee of P20. We have grilled tuna and grilled pork for lunch.

Nogas Island view from Sira-an Hotspring

After lunch, we rent a boat to bring us to Nogas Island. The boat rent costs P500 and it's already good for 10 persons. You can also rent snorkel set for P200. They only have 4 sets though.
sulfur pool
After few hours at Nogas Island, we went back to Sira-an Hot Spring to have shower, but not after dipping in at a small sulfur pool, which is a bit cleaner than the main pool.

Sira-an Hot Spring, I think, is government-owned resort. For more information about Sira-an Resort, you may contact 0918-2691099.


  1. Naka kadto na kami da...

  2. Today, Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012, the family with visiting relatives from Manila got a move to a tourist spot in Anini-y, Antique, Sira-an Hot Spring. Inspired by beautiful photo footages in its website, the family took a 100-KM trip from Iloilo City to the place for an overnight stay. However upon reaching the place the exact opposite of expected scenery welcomed us. The dirty swimming pool; the unfinished and seemingly broken structure of the building with faded paintings; unfriendly comfort rooms and the unpleasant odor of the entire area constituted our very frustrated experience in the place that stimulated us to take an immediate trip back to Iloilo City. Despite of its natural interests, recognition on them are low while the opportunity in management of the place continues.

  3. A lousy and mismanaged place.

  4. kung cno man may ari ng siraan-hot spring pakiayos naman ng facilities nya,,,,sira eh!!! magkapangalan pa naman...