Friday, April 12, 2013

2013 Travel Advisory Against South Korea

Since 2009, we're having an annual vacation abroad as a sort of treat for daughter after each school year.  We've been to Hong kong (2009), Thailand (2010), Singapore (2011) and Malaysia (2012).  This year, we're scheduled to travel to South Korea. We already have our visas and booked our flight on April 17, 2013.  Our accommodation was already arranged as well.  But because of the recent development in the Korean Peninsula, I'm still not sure if the scheduled vacation in South Korea will be pushed through.

The Philippines has not yet issued travel advisory against South Korea. The same thing is true with Malaysia, Singapore and the US.  In the absence of travel advisory, this means we are still allowed to travel.  But is it safe?  Is it worth it?  I don't know.

When we first traveled to Hong Kong, there's this swine flu scare.  But we still traveled as scheduled.  When I first went to Cambodia, there's this Thailand-Cambodia border conflict.  And, oh,  when we were in Singapore, there's this prediction of the end of the world.

swine flu scare

We'll probably push through with the scheduled vacation. Unless of course if there's a travel advisory against South Korea in the next few days. We'll probably add missile gazing in our itinerary. Bahala na.

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  1. It's hard to say if it is worth it. The chance of something major happening is almost nonexistent, but there is that minute chance. A Fil-Am couple we are friends with just returned from a vacation to the Philippines and went through South Korea to get there and back. We didn't feel, as neither did they, an imminent threat to their safety.

    Of course, I can't advise you what is best, but for me I'd go Gangnam style for a while and not think twice about it.

    I'll also toss in that my daughters and I miss the updates to Sophia's blog. I've followed that for years and it has been fun watching her grow up, along with a couple of my own daughters.