Friday, July 04, 2008

Nestle Pops Bloggers Dinner

Blogs and bloggers' infulence is now increasing that big businesses here in the Philippines are now tapping them to promote their products and services. Just recently, there's the Coke Zero blog Party and Nestle Poppin' Bloggin' Dinner.

As much as I can, I'm trying to avoid Nestle Products in solidarity with Nestle Workers in Cabuyao whose leader, Ding Fortuna, was murdered on Sept 22, 2005. But of course, I have nothing against bloggers who joined the Nestle Pops Bloggers Dinner.

I remember when ABS-CBN reported the murder of Ka Fort on its morning news program, they didn't even mention the name of Nestle. Conflict of interest, eh?

Nestle Pops and Ka Ding

There's blood in your coffee keeps an update on Nestle workers union (UFE-DFA-KMU) activities. They have gained partial victory but the struggle is not yet over.

Ding Fortuna is an active member of KMU National Council and has served the militant labor movement for 29 years since 1976 as a labor leader of the multinational company Nestle workers' union. He also holds several positions, including Anakpawis Party List-Southern Tagalog Chairman and Co-Chairperson of the National Coalition for the Protection of Workers Rights-Southern Tagalog (NCPWR-ST). He is survived by his wife Luz Fortuna and their three children

Now, I hope those searching for Nestle Pops would also know about Ka Ding.


  1. I've been boycotting Nestle for years. They have been terrible all over the world. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Good luck with your campaign.

  2. Nestle, no way Jose.

    I stop buying years ago, when I learned they were selling to Africa the milk they could not sell in Europe anymore.

    Some companies never change


  3. Si Beltran din, halos hindi na cover ang pagkamatay ata, well, compared to Rudy Fernandez and Rico Yan ha. So sad.

  4. Polybore and Remi, thanks for the digg. Its now on the first page on a google search for NESTLE POPS! :-)

    oo nga, Tito Rolly. really sad.

  5. Whoa. I didn't know this. My daughter's milk pa naman is from Nestle and that's about it. I wish I knew this.

  6. I also had no idea this was going on. I won't buy Nestle anymore. Thanks very much for posting this info, and for stopping by my EntreCard page.

  7. Hi Apol, ilang taon narin akong di bumibili ng Nestlé dahil sa mga dahilang binanggit mo. Pero ngayon ko lang natuklasan ang website na "There's Blood in Your Coffee". Maraming salamat sa pag lagay mo ng link na ito.

  8. Renz, it's not yet late. Let's boycott Nestle Products!

    OMYWORD, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, let's boycott Nestle!

    Walang anuman Bambit. Sana marami pang makiisa. :-)