Monday, August 25, 2008

My income from adbrite after 7 days

I have created an account from Adbrite several months ago but it was only a week ago that I decided to place Adbrite ads on my Canada Visa Philippines blog. I was reluctant then to put adbrite ads because I'm running adsense ads on that blog and I don't want to be punished by Big G. I am currently earning an average of US$3/day from adsense and I don't want to lose that.

Anyway, after reading articles about it and consultation with other bloggers, I finally put adbrite ads on my blog. And guess how much I earned after seven days?!


I know, it's not much. But, hey, that's enough to buy a kilo of rice! LOL! I think I can make more from adbrite if I'll place its ads on a more strategic area but without compromising my adsense ads. I'll have to figure that out. Adbrite serves various ads formats such as text ads, banner ads, inline ads, etc. If you want to make money from adbrite, too, create an Adbrite account now.


  1. Try mo rin Ate Sienna! :-)

  2. I want to earn even a little too from my blog. As of now im only using nuffnang. Any suggestions?

  3. I like bidvertiser more than adbrite but adsense still the best...