Sunday, May 10, 2009

Challenge My Brute

Are you daring to challenge my brute?

Challenge my brute

My Brute is a web based fighting game. I learned about this crazy game via twitter. To play, you have to first create a character (brute) and then start challenging other brutes in the arena. In process, you level up and gain experience and weapons.

The funny part there is that you actually don't have control over your brute when it's fighting in the arena. You just have to hope that your brute will use his weapons timely. hehe!

You are only allowed a maximum of three fights per day so don't worry about being addicted to the game. Click here to create your account and challenge my brute!


  1. I'm the pupil of doms' original brute - omerdixon. Already in level 2. ;)

  2. gawa lang kayo ng maraming accounts. para mas marami kayo pagpilian ng mas magandang character, siguro nasa isang daan ang nagawa ko na dun. pinipili ko lang ung me magandang skill/gamit. sabi nila kung gusto mo magkaroon ng bear or wolf, dapat estudyante ka ng me bear or wolf. nakakalibang sya inferness.. -josh_haliparot

  3. made my 400th post and nipuri kita sa blog ko!! burger burger!!!

    ingat lagi lo! mwah