Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day celbration at Flavours of China

Since I haven't seen my mom for quite a while now, I decided to go to Batangas today in time for mother's day celebration. Nothing extraordinary, we just had lunch at Flavours of China restaurant together with my sister and pamangkins.

I'm not really into Chinese food but, for a change, I suggested Flavors of China.

fish cracker - Flavours of ChinaI was glad that they served fish cracker as appetizer while waiting for our orders, but was a bit disappointed when I tasted it. Masarap pa yung kropek na binebenta sa mga bus. :-)

green seafood spinach soup - Flavors of ChinaThen they served the green seafood spinach soup, which I have to admit, is really good!

sea food fried riceMy niece liked the sea food fried rice. Kanin pa lang daw, ulam na! :-) It was really good but I have tasted something better from other restaurant.

cha-misua - Flavors of ChinaIt's the first time that I tasted this cha-misua. It's a sauteed B-day dry noodle (misua) with nuts, eggs and other ingredients. Delicious!

bbq fish filletI also liked this fish fillet but I forgot the name of this dish. :-)

deep fried boneless chicken in lemon sauceTheir deep fried boneless fried chicken in lemon sauce is too oily. Even my nephew who loves chicken didn't like it.

fried chickenThe crispy fried chicken was savory. However, the gravy that goes with it is not that good.

After we finished our lunch, we went to the department store and bought some new clothes for my mom and pamangkins.

What I have done for my mom today is of course isn't that much. But I'm sure, it made her happy. You see, I was only 9 years old when my father died. My sister was then 12 and our youngest brother was only 5. One of my aunts was so concerned that time and even thought of adopting one of us. My mom said no.

I witnessed all the sacrifices that mom made for us. She made sure that all of us shall have a college degree and, believe me, that wasn't easy. Life was tough for us. In fact, our story may even qualify for a Maala-ala mo Kaya episode. But we're ok now. At least we can now eat at Flavours of China while happily talking about what we've been through during those trying times. :-)

Happy mother's day to all mothers out there!

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