Sunday, September 19, 2010

Focus Apol, focus...

I realized that I'm not maximizing my time lately and as a result, I'm missing a lot of opportunities. I really need to stop and re-evaluate my priorities.

Focus Apol, focus.

Nine months ago, I wrote this:
Here's my new year's resolutions:

No more procrastination
. I'm not proud of it, but my good friend, Jay, is not exaggerating when he told me one time that I'm such a great procrastinator. I often defer taking actions by offering lousy excuses. I think I'm just lazy like that. But that has to be changed.

Be more aggressive
. Since I'm such a procrastinator, it follows that I'm not that aggressive as well. I've lost several opportunities because of that. It's time to be more aggressive.

Focus, focus, focus. The reason why I seldom win in our weekly billiards game is probably because I am not focused in the game. But it's not just in the billiards game that I lack focus. That's another area for me to improve on.

I said it's going to be a great year. Three more months and 2010 will be over. But what I really accomplished? Not that much. I mean I could have done more but because of misplaced priorities and lack of focus, I missed most of the great stuff.

I need to make good of the next three months. The best is yet to come.


  1. hayy... 2010 is coming close to an end. i felt lost this year in terms of career and finances :(

  2. I can relate. But, hey, it's not the end of the world! Not yet. :-)