Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nestle's Heaven Ice Cream

My friend Doms invited me yesterday to watch Angelina Jolie's newest movie SALT at Greenbelt. He said he got three movie tickets from Nuffnang so I immediately took the offer. :-)

Nestle Heaven Ice Cream
Photo courtesy of my friend Niko, who was also there at the Nuffnang event

It turned out that it was one of those promo from Nestle featuring it's latest product, Heaven Ice Cream.

I've been boycotting Nestle products since the death of Ka Ding Fortuna so it's a bit awkward. Had I known in advance, I wouldn't have taken the offer. But I must admit, I really enjoyed the movie and the free ice cream! Thanks to Nuffnang! :-)

Nestle is really active in using blogs to promote its products, as in the case of Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt and Nestle Pops.

I wonder if Ka Ding Fortuna is in heaven now.


  1. i was about to ask you if u enjoyed the ice cream :) hihih

    wala man lang taung picture lo! hmp hihih

  2. Masarap naman sya. haha! Thanks ulit sa pic!

  3. wala na sila dito sa Pinas di ba asa vietnam na ata o sang bang SE Asian country?

  4. i also won 3 tickets. unfortunately di ako nakapunta kabayan. sayang. nagkita na sana tau kung nagkataon.