Thursday, April 14, 2011

Visit Roxas City, Capiz! | Pilipinas, Tara Na!

I've been to Roxas City only once. That was on December 2010 when I went with friends on a post Christmas adventure to Capiz. I really don't have any idea of places to visit in Roxas City before this trip. It was because Roxas City is known as the Seafoods Capital of the Philippines that motivated to join the trip.

What we didn't know is that prices of seafoods in Roxas City during the month of December is pretty much like that of in Metro Manila. It is not cheap! But they say during summer, price of seafods in Capiza is really friendly.

Roxas City Airport
Jay and Pink at Roxas City Airport

But because I'm with the company of good friends, the trip was full of fun just the same.
roxas city - ginataang manok
From Roxas City Airport, we went to Tina's place for lunch lunch. We were served with a sumptous Gintaang Manok, Adobo and fresh buko juice! Nothing beats home cooked food!

On the way to Tina's place, we passed through sugar cane plantations and saw Capiz Sugar Central. Passing through this narrow and muddy road in between sugarcane fields made me realized a lot of things. Farmers do all the hardwork and yet they end up with less. I see injustice left and right. No wonder there's a strong presense of NPA in Capiz.

When I told some friends that I'm going to Capiz, the common comment was what's there to visit in Capiz? Aren't you afraid of wak-wak, aswang and the likes? Such is the reputation of the place but there is really nothing to be afraid of. Well, at least based on my experience.

roxas city - san antonio resort

From Tina's place, we went on a short Capiz tour before checking in at San Antonio Resort. There are many interesting places to visit in Capiz but since we're there for a couple of days, we weren't able to visit much. A trip to Olutayan Island should have been a great adventure but we did not push through due to strong waves. December is not a good month to visit Roxas City really.

Panay Church

We visited Panay Church and Balisong Cave. We also went to Agtalin Church in Pilar Capiz. The beach in Roxas City is just ok. Not the type of what you will see in Boracay, Coron, Palawan or Panglao Island. And it's a good thing San Antonio Resort has a nice pool and a lake good enough for kayak and boat riding.

Agtalin Shrine

At the Roxas City Airport, you'll find a tourism desk there where you can ask information. From the brochure I got from them, here's some of the places to visit while in Capiz, which we failed to do:

Cascofamco (Ivisan) - factory of making oil, soap and other accessories. Not sure though why it is a tourist destination. :-)

Butterfly Garden - you can observe the life cycle of butterfly. It's not for us. But if you're going there kids, it may be a good destination.

Artist House - located in Pilar Capiz. I don't know what's there. Sorry. :-)

Pontevedra, Capiz - go there for hillside hiking and horseback riding.

Visit Roxas City, Pilipinas, Tara Na!


  1. roxas city is my home town,,it is very nce and beatiful...

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  3. my ex-girlfriend belongs to Roxas city ..i miss her & Roxas reminds me of her.

  4. My ex-girlfriend belongs to Roxas,i miss her & Roxas reminds me of her..sniff sniff

  5. my girl friends there now, ( 18-06-2012) missing her love so much.